Welcome to Your Workday training!

This site is dedicated to helping you use Workday for your job

Ok, but what’s that mean?

We may as well get it out of the way…training.  There, it’s been said.  You will need training before using Workday.

What will you learn?  If your only Workday tasks are viewing your paycheck, requesting or approving time off, you'll learn it.

And if your work role includes requisitions, budgeting, hiring, personnel actions…you’ll learn how to complete those tasks too, using Workday.

I know you can do it.  How do I know?  Because learning PeopleSoft was hard.  Common terms used by most U.S. school system were morphed into “People Speak”.  For example, an undergraduate or graduate pursuit was called ‘career’, a degree major or minor became a ‘plan’.  And you learned that!

Learning Workday…is much easier.  Even I can use Workday.

So, why the pitch?

Because learning is change.  And moving away from the familiar takes time and effort and is uncomfortable.  Investing time now in Workday training makes getting to done quicker and easier than you think.  And the effort is definitely worth it.  

I know you can do it.

What resources are available?

How do I access Workday? 

The easiest to remember method is the Quick Links panel on our new MyAkron portal

My akron quick link2.jpg

Otherwise, you can use this direct (but harder to remember) link: http://www.myworkday.com/uakron/d/home.htmld

I have more questions!

Ok, check out the FAQ below or reach out to me: rds@xinronglawyer.com

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